Little Ballerina: Coupé Fouetté Raccourci Sauté

I enjoy this exercise very much. Love the strong ballon movement.

Coupé Fouetté Raccourci
Usually done by beginners, facing bar. (En pointe or en demi-pointe) Start with a coupé derriere (touching ankle), strongly extend the working leg to 2nd en l;air 45 degrees, and finishes en fondu, sharply whipping working foot to mid-calf, maintaining turn-out throughout the exercise.

Coupé Fouetté Raccourci Battu
A Coupé Fouetté Raccourci Sauté in which the legs join in the air to beat in 5th position without change of feet before landing. Very light beat. Require control and technique. More difficult if it were to execute en tournant.

Coupé Fouetté Raccourci Sauté
A coupé action leading into a vertical jump, working leg strongly extended to 2nd en l’air 45 degrees, with an sharp inward whipping action of the working leg. End with left foot sur le cou-de-pied derriere en fondu (touching the mid-calf), arm 3rd position right arm forward, eye focus over the right forearm.

Thought on Coupé Fouetté Raccourci Sauté

- Strong and quick whipping action of working legs, remember to maintain turn out during landing
- Extend working legs fully to 2nd en l’air 45 degrees
- Jumping supporting leg fully pointed in the air ( for Coupé Fouetté Raccourci Sauté)