A day in the life of a ballerina.

Follow the day in the life of a Yuhui Choe, first soloist, who takes us through her day - which includes, class, rehearsals and physio before going on stage that evening.

The following video shows the hard work that (little) girls have to do too realize there dream: becoming a prima ballerina.


I also found a video about Super model Naomi Campbell as Ballerina for a Day in Russia.
As a child, supermodel Naomi Campbell trained to become a ballerina. Now, she gets the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream at Russia's historic Bolshoi Ballet. Can she keep up with the professionals? Watch and see!

1 day with Dutch National Ballet
Sefton Clarke, second soloist with Dutch National Ballet, takes you through all the schedule and behind the scenes of the company in one day.