I love Repetto Ballet flats!

Ballet flats + Rainy Day = Hmm... argh... not again?!...
Ballet flats + IPod = Walking on happy beats
Ballet flats + long legs = Super duper cute
Ballet flats + Shopping in Paris = Parisienne girl during summer

What a timeless elegance. Just a simple ballet flats can look so pretty and feel so comfortable.

Repetto ballet flats comes with a beautiful elegant box!

Repetto ballet flats.

How many pairs of Repetto ballet pointe shoes does a girl need? I once own up to 10 pairs of ballet pointe shoes at one time. Just love collecting them! I was so blessed for a Dad to travel around the world. He would buy a pair of ballet shoes from every country. My classic favourite is a ballet pointe from Russia! Yet that was one of the hardest and most uncomfortable shoes... I wonder how the Russians do their pointe work without toe pads in the olden days?

Repetto earlier website. (They have got a new look now. Got to check them out at http://www.repetto.com/)

Repetto promotional poster.

Beautiful window display of Repetto.

How can you resist such a pretty shop?

Another window display of Repetto in Paris.

Hope you enjoyed today's post!

For more wonderful products of Repetto, visit http://www.repetto.com/